AIAA, Metal Additive Manufacturing for Propulsion Applications, 推進用途向けの金属積層造形, 9781624106262, 978-1-62410-626-2

Metal Additive Manufacturing for Propulsion Applications

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Metal Additive Manufacturing for Propulsion Applications




Metal Additive Manufacturing for Propulsion Applications
著者・編者 Gradl, P.R. et al.
発行元 AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics)
発行年/月 2022年7月   
装丁 Hardcover
ISBN 978-1-62410-626-2
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Additive manufacturing (AM) processes are proving to be a disruptive technology and are grabbing the attention of the propulsion industry. AM-related advancements in new industries, supply chains, design opportunities, and novel materials are increasing at a rapid pace. The goal of this text is to provide an overview of the practical concept-to-utilization lifecycle in AM for propulsion applications. As with any new process, it’s tempting to get caught up in the excitement of AM and its application and to give little forethought to the potential economic and technical challenges. This text is intended to help AM adopters to be intentional as they apply these technologies, and to understand the basis for the lifecycle of AM components. It is a practical guide based on lessons learned and experiences with both successes and in failures in AM. The organization of this text seeks to guide an engineer through the intertwined basics, regarding design and implementation, as they begin their journey into AM. The book is also relevant for veteran AM users as a reference. While AM is still in the development phase and continues to evolve, the fundamental lessons learned remain of great value even as forthcoming technology emerges. While many metal AM processes are referenced, the book focuses on those with more industry maturity, including powder bed fusion and directed energy deposition.



- Front Matter
- Introduction to and Applications of Additive Manufacturing for Propulsion
- Metal Additive Manufacturing Processes and Selection
- Selection and Overview of Additive Manufactured Metals and Metal Alloys
- Microstructure and Properties of Additively Manufactured Metal Alloys
- Post-Processing of Metal Additively Manufactured Components
- Feedstock for Metal Additive Manufacturing
- Functional Design for Metal Additive Manufacturing
- Component Performance and Application Characteristics
- Certification of Metal Additive Manufacturing: A NASA Perspective
- Emerging Additive Manufacturing Technology for Propulsion
- Mechanical Properties of Select AM Alloys
- Thermophysical Properties of Select AM Alloys
- Standards Applicable to Metal AM
- Index
- Supporting Materials