GMW14872, 5th Edition, 2021

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GMW14872, 5th Edition, 2021




GMW14872, 5th Edition: 2021: Cyclic Corrosion Laboratory Test
GMW規格 14872, 第5版, 2021: 繰り返し腐食の試験室試験
発行元 General Motors(GM)
発行年/月 2021年2月   
装丁 ペーパー
ページ数 27 ページ
発送予定 海外倉庫よりお取り寄せ 1-2週間以内に発送します
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This procedure describes an accelerated laboratory corrosion test method to evaluate assemblies and components. The test procedure provides a combination of cyclic conditions (salt solution, various temperatures, humidity, and ambient environment) to accelerate metallic corrosion. The procedure is effective for evaluating a variety of corrosion mechanisms, such as general, galvanic, crevice, etc. The test exposure/conditions can be individually tailored to achieve any desired level of corrosion exposure.

Also, synergistic effects due to temperature, mechanical and electrical cycling, along with other stresses, can be comprehended by this test. See Deviations Section at the end of this document for typical modifications.