The Cognitive Neurosciences, 6th Edition

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The Cognitive Neurosciences, 6th Edition





The Cognitive Neurosciences, 6th Edition
認知神経科学, 第6版
著者・編者 Poeppel, D. et al.
出版社 The MIT Press
発行年/月 2020年5月   
装丁 Hardcover
ページ数 1152ページ
ISBN 978-0-262-04325-0
発送予定 在庫あり 1-2営業日内に発送致します


The sixth edition of the foundational reference on cognitive neuroscience, with entirely new material that covers the latest research, experimental approaches, and measurement methodologies.

Each edition of this classic reference has proved to be a benchmark in the developing field of cognitive neuroscience. The sixth edition of The Cognitive Neurosciences continues to chart new directions in the study of the biological underpinnings of complex cognition?the relationship between the structural and physiological mechanisms of the nervous system and the psychological reality of the mind. It offers entirely new material, reflecting recent advances in the field, covering the latest research, experimental approaches, and measurement methodologies.

This sixth edition treats such foundational topics as memory, attention, and language, as well as other areas, including computational models of cognition, reward and decision making, social neuroscience, scientific ethics, and methods advances. Over the last twenty-five years, the cognitive neurosciences have seen the development of sophisticated tools and methods, including computational approaches that generate enormous data sets. This volume deploys these exciting new instruments but also emphasizes the value of theory, behavior, observation, and other time-tested scientific habits.




I: Brain Circuits over Lifetime
II: Auditory and Visual Perception
III: Memory
IV: Attention and Working Memory
V: Neuroscience, Cognition, and Computation: Linking Hypotheses
VI: Intention, Action, Control
VII: Reward and Decision Making
VIII: Methods Advances
IX: Concepts and Core Domains
X: Language
XI: Social Neuroscience
XII: Neuroscience and Society
XIII: Looking Ahead: Challenges in Advancing Cognitive Neuroscience