NR/L3/MTC/CP009, 7th Edition: 2020

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NR/L3/MTC/CP009, 7th Edition: 2020




NR/L3/MTC/CP009, 7th Edition: 2020: COVID-19 Contingency Plan: Safe Working Practices
NR規格 /L3/MTC/CP009, 第7版: 2020: COVID-19緊急時対応計画: 安全な作業慣行
発行元 Network Rail (NR)
発行年/月 2020年11月   
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ページ数 16 ページ
発送予定 海外倉庫よりお取り寄せ 1-2週間以内に発送します


NR/L3/MTC/CP009, 7th Edition, November 26, 2020 - COVID-19 Contingency Plan: Safe Working Practices

This document applies to all staff undertaking work on behalf of Network Rail.

It applies to all activities carried out to support the operational running of the infrastructure from the date of publication.

NOTE 1: Our staff & their welfare is our number one priority and it is recognised that, during this global pandemic, our operational staff will be at increased risk.

NOTE 2: All activities will be undertaken safely with the relevant minimum resources, with suitably qualified staff, safety measures implemented, and social distancing being applied (where practicable, see clause Error! Reference source not found.).

NOTE 3: Network Rail will support any member of staff when they invoke Work Safe Procedure.


The purpose of this document is to provide instruction for protecting our workforce and implementing consistent safety measures in line with the UK Government’s guidelines on protection controls and social distancing measures following the outbreak of COVID-19.