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API SPEC 6A, 21st Edition: 2018




API SPEC 6A, 21st Edition: 2018: Specification for Wellhead and Tree Equipment
IPC規格-A-610: 2020: 電子アセンブリの受容性
発行元 API規格 SPEC 6A, 第21版: 2018: 坑口および樹木設備の仕様
発行年/月 2020年9月   
装丁 ペーパー
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API SPEC 6A, 21st Edition, November 2018 - Specification for Wellhead and Tree Equipment

This specification identifies requirements and gives recommendations for the performance, dimensional and functional interchangeability, design, materials, testing, inspection, welding, marking, handling, storing, shipment, and purchasing of wellhead and tree equipment for use in the petroleum and natural gas industries.

This specification does not apply to field use or field testing. This specification also does not apply to repair of wellhead and tree equipment except for weld repair in conjunction with manufacturing. Tools used for installation and service (e.g. running tools, test tools, wash tools, wear bushings, and lubricators) are outside the scope of this standard.

This specification is applicable to the equipment identified in 4.1 and Section 14.

This specification establishes requirements for four product specification levels (PSLs): PSL 1, PSL 2, PSL 3, and PSL 4. A supplemental designation of PSL 3G applies to PSL 3 products that have satisfied the additional requirements of gas testing. The PSL designations define different levels of technical quality requirements.

If product is supplied bearing the API Monogram and manufactured at a facility licensed by API, the requirements of Annex A apply.

Subject matter of Annexes B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, and M has been arranged in a way that minimizes the impact of changes on users of this document.