NR/CAT/STP/001, 118th Edition: 2020

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NR/CAT/STP/001, 118th Edition: 2020




NR/CAT/STP/001, 118th Edition: 2020: Catalogue of Network Rail Standards
NR規格 /CAT/STP/001, 第118版: 2020: ネットワークレール規格のカタログ
発行元 Network Rail (NR)
発行年/月 2020年12月   
装丁 PDF / シングルユーザー
ページ数 228 ページ
発送予定 海外倉庫よりお取り寄せ 1-2週間以内に発送します


NR/CAT/STP/001, 118th Edition, December 5, 2020 - Catalogue of Network Rail Standards

This document is intended as a guide to Network Rail Standards, current, as of the date of publication.

It does not include historic records, although a simple 15 month archive listing of withdrawals and supersessions is maintained for your convenience.

Whilst we endeavour to keep this content up-to-date from the information provided to us by Network Rail, IHS Markit cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

The content of this catalogue is divided into the following sections:

- Section 1: Is this Guide to Contents. It gives the user general information on Network Rail Standards, TSIs and Railway Group Standards.
- Section 2: Lists the changes to Standards in this issue of the catalogue
- Section 3: Is the listing of Network Rail Catalogues
- Section 4: Is the listing of Network Rail Standards by Steering Group
- Archive: Lists changes to standards over the last 15 months
- Index: Index to this Catalogue