Handbook of Writing for the Mathematical Sciences

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Handbook of Writing for the Mathematical Sciences





Handbook of Writing for the Mathematical Sciences, 3rd Edition
ニコラス・ハイアム数理科学論文ハンドブック 第3版
著者・編者 Higham, N.J.
発行元 SIAM
発行年/月 2020年2月   
装丁 Softcover
ページ数/巻数 353 ページ
ISBN 978-1-61197-609-0
発送予定 1-3営業日内に発送致します


Handbook of Writing for the Mathematical Sciences provides advice on all aspects of scientific writing, with a particular focus on writing mathematics. Its readable style and handy format, coupled with an extensive bibliography and comprehensive index, make it useful for everyone from undergraduates to seasoned professionals.

This third edition revises, updates, and expands the best-selling second edition to reflect modern writing and publishing practices and builds on the author's extensive experience in writing and speaking about mathematics.

Key features are
coverage of fundamentals of writing, including English usage, revising a draft, and writing when your first language is not English;
thorough treatment of mathematical writing, including how to choose notation, how to choose between words and symbols, and how to format equations;
many tips for exploiting LaTeX and BibTeX;
advice on how to write and publish a paper, covering the entire publication process; and
anecdotes, quotes, and unusual facts that enliven the presentation.
The new edition
has been reorganized to make the book easier to use for reference;
treats modern developments in publishing such as open access, DOIs, and ORCID;
has a new chapter on workflow covering text editors, markup languages, version control, and much more;
has a new chapter that discusses the principles of indexing and how to prepare an index in LaTeX;
has a new chapter on reviewing a paper, book proposal, or book;
has a new chapter “Writing a Book" that includes advice on choosing a publisher and LaTeX tips particular to books;
contains more on poster design, and discusses e-posters and the poster blitz; and
has a new chapter giving advice on writing a blog post.



1 General Principles
2 Mathematical Writing
3 English Usage
4 The Writer’s Bookshelf
5 When English Is a Foreign Language
6 Writing a Paper
7 Revising a Draft
8 TEX, LATEX, and BibTEX
9 Workflow
10 Publishing a Paper
11 Refereeing and Reviewing
12 Writing a Talk
13 Giving a Talk
14 Preparing a Poster
15 Writing and Defending a Thesis
16 Writing a Book
17 Preparing an Index
18 Writing a Blog Post
19 Information Sources

A The Greek Alphabet
B Summary of TEX and LATEX Symbols